I’m in no way a writer, but I have a lot to say. I have had a lot of life happen in my 21 years.

My whole goal for this is to let at least one person know they aren’t alone. Let one person know they aren’t crazy for how they are feeling. Let one person know that there is another hot mess of a human around.

I’m going to give ya a little over-view on my life currently, and a little of my past. I’m in no way qualified to tell you what’s right or wrong. Just lessons I’ve learned.

I’m Marissa (well, duh) I’m 21, and divorced. I love God so much, but fail Him now more than ever. That’s the beauty of God, though. He makes a masterpiece out of our messes 🙂 I’m probably going to post quite a few blogs tonight just to catch up my journal. Don’t judge my super bad writing style or my over baring need to be cool with my words.

be blessed, ya’ll ❤