Hey! Let me start off by saying, I am so sorry I haven’t written. I have been trying to focus on what I already have going on, and getting myself together so I can start my new path in life 🙂

Slowly, but surely it is all coming together! I was going to wait to write, but the online site I use for work documentation is down.. I got a few things into the program, but it keeps not saving. So, I decided to write a little, then I’ll try again.

I always tend to write about deep stuff, but I don’t want to today. So my girl recommended I talk about my first time teaching Sunday School, where I was at in my faith, and my dreams. SO. That’s what I’m doing.

Last Sunday, I was honored to teach about Noah. It was actually my first time teaching the Word of God!!! I got so much deeper into the meaning of Noah.. I realized how Noah and the Ark were a prophetic expression about Jesus. And how our actions and heart is what God finds favor in.

I was so incredibly stoked to teach this! But scared as heck! But it went so well. We talked bout how the sin was the reason God wanted to destroy everything. But, Noah found favor with God due to his character, heart condition, choices, ect. And because of Noah’s obedience to God, we were given a chance to make it to salvation (Jesus).

For the last year, I’ve had an elephant on my chest. It has been hard to breathe, and I was losing hope, I was slowly dying. And so was my faith. I never doubted God was real, I just started to doubt he loved me. I started to doubt that things were going to get better. But I was stubborn, I just kept pushing and praying, hoping God would hear my cries.

One day, the elephant left my chest. I was laughing and sleeping. I was leaving bed without forcing myself. I got myself enrolled in school. And I started making plans.

My relationship with God is in a great place. God fought so hard for ME this summer. HE put people in my life, and kept pushing me on the days I couldn’t keep going. I just had to get out of my storm to see where He was during it. But now I know no matter what I go through, God is always in my boat.

My current goals are starting my CDA classes in January, graduating in August. Buying a new car in August. Then, I’m thinking bachelors degree. The sky is the limit. I’m not sure how far I wanna go schooling wise, but I have time.

Long term, I want to be a lead teacher in a preschool class room, be a wife to a Godly man, and coming a mommy.

I’m on the road to being Marissa. I’m on the journey God has laid out for me.

Be blessed ❤