Okay, so I am a person that cherishes the deeper meanings. My mom always points this out. Dates are important to me, objects, sayings, gestures; it’s all important. And I think that’s why my Halloween costume was so important to me. So bare with me…

Ever since I met Ron I literally dreamed of being Minnie Mouse, I was in love with the idea of us going as a couple costume. But Ron always thought it was dumb, and we both always worked on Halloween; so we never did it.

Now fast forward, I’m freshly divorced and finding myself.

I needed a costume. and I decided to be Minnie because I didn’t have to spend any money on it. It felt so good finally doing what I wanted to do. and I rocked that Minnie Mouse get up like nobodies business

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But more importantly, I’ve been letting someones opinion dictate what I did for two years, and I finally just did what I wanted to do. Sometimes, we forget that even our small dreams, are counted when they come to pass.

I know it was just some Minnie ears and makeup, but I was so happy that I was finally doing what I wanted. As I was working at church, my heart just became full. I have my dream job, I am a youth leader, I am going to school, and I’m ALIVE. I’m alive to experience these glorious moments, these sad moments, and I’m able to give glory to God.

Hopefully, I wasn’t rambling. I probably was. Sorry. I told you I wasn’t a good writer, nor was I writing for a purpose other than saying what’s on my mind!

I’m praying for anyone that needs their “little dreams” to come true.

be blessed ❤