What is up? I always say “hi” or something along those lines, but I really wanna know what is going on in your world. I wish this was like Facebook. So I could talk to the people that read my blog. ANYWAYS. Hey, hi, what’s up?

I was in a support class this week, and the guy started talking about statistics, and I felt like I was a whole millimeter tall. I felt so insignificant. And it hit me… how many other people feel like they are just a predicted number? And I prayed about that. How awful I felt, and to know others probably felt the same way? That broke my heart.

But God is so good, He let me in on a little secret…

YOU ARE NOT A STATISTIC. You are more than the 1/3 kids who come from a broken home. You are more than a teen pregnancy. You are more than a failed marriage. You are more than the things the numbers try to label you as.

Nobody on this earth, not one person, can be you. They cannot think how you think, they cannot feel how you feel, and they cannot fulfill your destiny the way you are designed to do it. And the numbers don’t tell you that. The numbers don’t radiate the beauty your smile does. The numbers don’t show the love you give. The numbers don’t show the people you’ve touched.

So maybe you’re a recovering addict because your parents picked up the bottle, and you did after them. Or maybe you’re nursing your baby while you’re finishing school. Or maybe you’re signing divorce papers. Maybe, just maybe you’re fighting the urge to harm yourself tonight. Those facts do not define you. Those are past choices, that you are trying to make better.

Can I tell you some facts though? You are a child of God. He DID make you in His image. He DOES want you to live a full and prosperous life. You ARE a beautiful human. and last but not least, YOU ARE WORTHY OF GOOD THINGS. And that is what statistically speaking doesn’t tell you. But, I’m here to tell you 😉

Be encouraged tonight friends, you are so wonderful. And if you just feel like an insignificant number, message me. I will tell you all the good things I can type about you.

be blessed<3