Hey guys! I am so excited to write tonight! Life has been crazy lately. I started a new job, full time. It has been great. I’ve been at church a lot lately for the Christmas play, along with leadership and regular service. So I’ve been busy, but God has downloaded so much on me tonight, and I cannot wait to share… SO. Here goes 🙂


It has been crazy foggy in the Mitten lately. Even in the day time. Tonight, I could barely see with my brights on :O I was getting so nervous in the desolate areas of my route home. Then, cars finally started coming, and they helped light my way.


In a way, it was almost prophetic to me. This life has been crazy, and scary, and FOGGY. On my way home, it gets dark. I’m not sure if I’m on the right road or not. Then God will light my way. Giving me the peace that I’m in the lines, or the warning that I’m a little close to that light pole.

Sometimes, before another car comes along, I freak out. Like full on anxiety that I’m driving right off a cliff(even thought I know I logically don’t live near any. Nor is there any on the way to most of the places I go). But I don’t have a reason for the fear. I’ve never hit anything or anyone in fog. I’ve never been hit in fog. But I get scared. That’s how I feel in life sometimes too. So much has happened to me, and I have lived through everything I’ve ever been through. But sometimes, I get anxiety I won’t. Then God shows His grace and mercy over me.

Tonight, I was reading in Matthew. I specifically read Matthew 8 through Matthew 10. All through that Jesus talks about FAITH. People were healed, got their families heal not because Jesus laid His hand on them(although He did do that, but in some of these testimonies, He didn’t) but because they had FAITH in Him and God.

Another thing that hit me was Matthew 8:23-27. Basically, Jesus commanded them to get on the boat, and He fell asleep. A terrible storm fell over the sea, and they started tripping out. “Jesus! Wake up! We are going to drown!!!” And Jesus wakes up, and calms the storm. Sometimes, we have to go through that storm. Jesus maybe asleep, but God’s timing was and always will be perfect. He will calm your storm, light your road, give you what He has for you, in His time.

Sometimes, the fog is needed. It’s only when light banishes the darkness that you truly appreciate the light.


Thank you, God for my fog. Thank you, God for my storm. Thank you, God for the light. Thank you, God for the peace.


If your road is currently dark, I’m praying for a light for you. Don’t shut off your car now, you’ve made it so far!

❤ be blessed