Welcome to 2016!!! Sorry, I know I’m a little late. But let me tell you, it feels great to say I made it to 2016…

I  have seen so many people being negative towards the “New Year mentality” and I have some things to say about that.

First off, shame on you! Some people have absolutely no hope right now, and they are literally clinging to that idea of a fresh year. How dare you be so cynical that you steal their hope.

Regardless if someone goes through with their “new years resolutions” it doesn’t concern you, or even the day itself. New Year gives you a fresh page, a new number. That’s how I saw it.

After all of the crap from the past year, I embraced New Years with open arms. It wasn’t just a day to me. It’s my first year being Marissa Hall-Burkhart again. It’s my first year not being married. I can go onto 2016 and make myself new again(which I am doing). 2016 is a beautiful, blossoming year for me.

Second, why  do you feel the need to rain on someones life? People see that and get discouraged. The world would be a little better place with a little more compassion.



Welcome to 2016, friends. I pray it’s a year of blessings, lessons, love, and compassion!


❤ be blessed