Hey guys! Wow, it has been some time since I have blogged. I got in a car accident a month ago, and I’ve been in the hospital ever since. I’m doing well though! I have had surgery to correct everything that was broken, I’m healing great from that, and kicking butt in therapy. I’ve been off of work for the month that I’ve been injured and I’ll be off until I get cleared to work again.

Through this whole month, I’ve been watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy” and I can really relate to that show (minus the part of being a kick butt surgeon.) Meredith always has her own plans. And in the beginning she is dead set on not being married, just being a surgeon. But what she realizes slowly, is that people need other people. And even the people who may be the mightiest, they need help. And it’s okay to need help. It really got me thinking….


I’m very independent. But this year I NEEDED my friends, my pastors, my mentors, my family to help me carry on. Since I’ve been injured I’ve needed help doing the most basic of self care.  They both have made me humble. And through both of these seasons I have realized I can make all the plans I want, but if it’s not God’s plan, it won’t be working. And even though I’m very strong and independent, I have to rely and trust in God, or else I will get confused and depressed.

Proverbs 19:21 really spoke to me. Basically, it says you can make the plans you want to, but God’s will is always going to prevail. I was making all of these plans, but it wasn’t what God wanted. I’m determined to hear Him and figure out what He wants for my life.


Putting my faith aside, you don’t have to believe in God to understand my post. You can not know God, and understand you can’t do this life on your own. You need your friends and family.

I have become extremely humbled. And I appreciate who I have now. I don’t want to direct God on my life, because He has more for me than I could ever ask for..


Before I got hurt, I was going to write about how YOU decide what your life is like by your attitude, but this hit me more. I’ll go back to that topic a different time.


If you feel alone, or you don’t think you need other people, or you’re down; I am praying for you. Your story can continue. You can start a new chapter.


<3be blessed