15781108_10212081240892082_3222898497835512582_nI think I might be in love with New Years. All of the possibilities. All the newness. It brings hope. The New Year hasn’t been touched by anything yet. Nothing good, nothing bad; a blank canvas that you can choose what direction to go with, what colors to paint it with.

Here’s the thing, everyone is going to say “it’s just a day” or “you’ll still be the same person”. But here is the thing… IT IS NOT JUST A DAY, and YOU CAN BE A DIFFERENT PERSON.

It is a day that is presented by a renewing spirit. The past year or two could have been the worst years of your life… But you decide to take a leap and change for the better.. “In 2017 I will look at everything through the color yellow. Bright and sunny. Even on the stormy days, I will dance in the storm because I WILL BE bright and sunny”. Okay, yes you can make that decision at any point in the year. But what if the year has been nothing but heart break. What if you just need the hope of something new to ignite a change of heart?

YOU TAKE THAT CHANCE! BE BRIGHT AND SUNNY! Because, yes, happiness is an emotion and verb, but it is also always a choice. Make a New Years goal that will really better you, really be something you stick with. Not just a trip to the gym. Make a lifestyle change.


As we count down the seconds until January 1st, 2017 I will put a goal with each of the last five seconds

FIVE: continue to get help for the mental illnesses I have so long ignored

FOUR: stay in ministry school!!

THREE: love closer to how Jesus loved. That means putting aside my pride

TWO: to dance in the storms of 2017, knowing God has got my back through them all

ONE: to surround myself with people that do not tear me down, and see my heart

MIDNIGHT: Smile more, cry less, love harder, heal, serve better.


Welcome to midnight..


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