Hello, beautiful human! I hope this finds you well. If you’re not well, I hope this finds you and wellness.

This week has been so difficult for me. I have a decision to make and it’s breaking my heart. So on Wednesday I had some really long, good, deep talks with people that have poured into me. Also on Wednesday was Exodus. We worshipped in the beginning, as always. And God was POURING into me. The harder I sang, the more He said. It has been on my heart for a couple of days, and it’s too long to be a facebook post, so here we go!


For me I always associate God with bringing the literal dead to life. You know Lazarus, Jesus, ect. But God pointed out something that was so obvious, I have no clue why it was profound.. In Ezekiel 37 it  talks about how the Lord brought to life literal dry bones. But literal life IS NOT all that God can and will restore. He will bring to life the dry bones of situations, finances, health, family, friendship. You see God can make ANYTHING dead, alive. Nothing is impossible for Him.

I mean seriously, look at the story of Noah. Man kind was on its way out the door straight to an inferno. But God provided the world with Noah. He was by no means perfect but he did as the Lord told him. God brought the drying out bones of man kind back to life. We never really have treated our bones well, but that’s a different message.

What about the story of Jonah? Lord have mercy that man was CRAZY. He straight ran from the call of God and got eaten by a big fish. Only to repent, be spit up, and go and do what God called him to do. God brought Jonah back to a safe life after he faced impending doom. God also brought Ninevah’s dry bones to life. He gave them one more chance, through Jonah, to get their act together.

What about ALL of the judges. Look, humans suck at this whole “doing what we are told for our own good” thing. The Israelites went around and around with God. It was a never ending cycle. Sin, crying for help, God sending a judge, being better, back into sin. Every time they were defeated God faithfully gave them a way to bring life to their situation.

Let’s get SUPER Christian. Look at the story of Jesus. Man kind could not communicate with God. We could not be with Him. We had to sacrifice clean animals. Our situation was the very definition of “dry bones”. We were on the Titanic. The Devil was Rose and we were Jack. The devil thought he had won so he stayed on the door while he thought we would freeze to death. But jokes on him… In THIS version, someone tells Jack there is enough room for him and he lives. Shout out to that person for saving that hot man! Haha. But seriously, Jesus walked up and said “Nah, fam. I’m giving you eternal life. Just trust me and get on that dang door!” (obviously Jesus fooooor sure said this 😉 ). Seriously though, Jesus is the breath of life in everything.

How many times have we felt our situations looked exactly like death. Have we lost our jobs? Has our marriage fallen apart? Has your doctor told you that you have cancer? Have you and your very best friend not been getting along? Have you been in a crazy car accident that flipped your world upside down? Has someone left this world and that left your heart broken and dying? Girl, me too. But the Bible is full of testimonies of situations changing. People getting healed  like the beggar at the well -Acts 3:1-10. Finances arising like the widow that was losing her sons over debt suddenly could pay off all of the debt -2 Kings 4:1-7. Marriages being saved like when Joseph chose to stay with Mary in Matthew. How many lepers were healed in the bible? COUNTLESS. Relationship falling apart? Look at how Joseph and his brothers relationship got better when they were adults in Genesis 50:15-21. How about someone’s death breaking your heart and slowly killing it? Look at how Mary felt while she watched Jesus be beaten and killed. She kept that still voice in her heart alive, and HE ROSE AGAIN!


I’m not saying that your life is going to be butterflies, because it’s not. We sin and we face consequences for that. I am saying that nothing is too far gone as long as you have God. Luke 1:37 tells us “For nothing will be impossible with God”.

I am praying for all of those dead situations tonight. I am praying for life, peace, and restoration. You are not alone in the valley of the dry bones. God will call to life your situations if you give it all to Him.